40 Miles of Starlight

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It’s ten minutes to midnight and the dance floor is pumping with disco hits. Afro wigs, sequined dresses and Elvis suits collide as a spotlight illuminates the peak of Crested Butte. Beer is flowing, the soul train is moving. It’s … Continue reading

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Life on the Ice: Q&A with Icebreaker’s Partner Antarctica New Zealand

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Icebreaker is proud to partner with Antarctica New Zealand, the Crown Entity responsible for developing, managing and executing New Zealand Government activities in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.  “Icebreaker is thrilled to partner with Antarctica New Zealand – our ethos are … Continue reading

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6 Wildest Destinations On Earth!

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6 Wulingyuan Used as an inspiration for the movie Avatar, the unusual geography of Wulingyuan creates a distinctly alien feel. Featuring 3,000 sandstone pillars that stretch up to 300 metres into the air, natural rock bridges, caves, streams and waterfalls, … Continue reading

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