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All About That Base (Layer)

We’re Ready for You Mother Nature. What if, as much as Mother Nature throws at us in terms of extreme weather conditions, she has actually provided a solution too? As the North Eastern United States has just dealt it’s fifth snow storm this season, we wanted to remind you that there is hope to protect yourself against the elements. Nature provides us with merino wool, the most naturally technical fiber in the world. Icebreaker merino provides the most naturally technical clothing systems in the world.

Born In Nature – Worn In Nature. Merino sheep have a light, fine, ultra-breathable coat that keeps them cool in the scorching summer heat of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. When winter sets in, they grow an extra layer of wool over their base coat so they can roam through fields of ice and snow in warmth and comfort (learn more with Merino 101). We’ve adapted merino wool into a system of lightweight layers that give you the same freedom to explore your environment. Wear a next-to-skin layer in warmer weather, then layer up for insulation in the cold. When Icebreaker garments are layered together, air is trapped in between each fine layer to ramp up the warmth. Your layers lock together like a single lightweight garment.

#GetLayered in 3 Steps. With this technical knowledge and based on the merino sheep’s summer and winter coat weights, Icebreaker pioneered a dynamic, micro climate-controlling layering system almost 20 years ago. Our constant innovation has allowed us to create one of the world’s most efficient and effective natural clothing systems available.  With variable weights, across base-layers, first-layers, mid-layers and outer-layers, every layer you put on works with the other layers to ensure that you keep a totally comfortable body temperature – whether working out or just hanging out.

Check out our Base layers here.


Miles in Merino

With more than 35,000 miles behind him — a distance equal to walking around the world one and a half times — Justin “Trauma” Lichter is a star in the world of long-distance backpacking. He has hiked the precursor to New Zealand’s now infamous Te Araroa, and a traverse placed him among the first to complete the Great Himalaya Trail.  So what’s next for Justin? He is currently walking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) – roughly 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada – in an attempt to be the first to complete a winter thru hike of the PCT.

Justin Lichter Jan15

Justin (left) and Shawn (right) at beginning of their trek in October.

Justin and Shawn Forry headed out from Campo, CA at the Mexico/US border on 21-October, hoping to travel an average of around 15 miles per day. The terrain will vary, meaning travel methods will range between, hiking, snowshoeing, and backcountry skiing all while staying along the PCT corridor. Due to weather conditions and snow cover it will be virtually impossible to stay on the trail at all times. Often the trail tread will be buried under 15 feet of snow. Gear is a very important part of their travels – not only does it have to be lightweight for backpacking, but it also has to perform well.  Icebreaker is stoked that we were able to outfit Justin in merino baselayers. The miracle of merino lies in its natural ability to breathe well, insulate and pack light – making it perfect for Justin’s PCT hike.

“Ever since I first stepped foot on the PCT I have been thinking about this trip. For years I have been calculating and coordinating various aspects and weighing the challenges, equipment, and possibilities.” – Justin Lichter

As you read this Justin and Shawn are heading into the High Sierra, making their way towards Mexico. They’ve walked so far that the metal on their snowshoes is wearing thin, which means they’ll need to switch to skis soon. They have about 1,750 miles completed and about 900 remaining.


Photo cred: Jack Haskel


Photo cred: Jack Haskel

The UNstoppables Movement

On 25 January, 2015 over 100 Australian entrepreneurs will land on the Antarctic Peninsula to transform their lives, businesses and thinking forever.  The UNStoppables Club is heading for the sub-zero temperatures of Antarctica for an 11-day think-tank aimed at “raising financial intelligence.”


The expedition, which is being called “Fire on Ice,” promises to be a once in a lifetime unique experience for entrepreneurs looking to create and engage with each other, access life and business opportunities, be inspired to set and achieve challenging goals and form strategic alliances. Icebreaker is honored to outfit the expedition crew with merino  baselayers. Our gear is ideal for their travels as merino wool absorbs moisture and retains it in natural hollow fibres providing insulation against heat loss. This explains why merino wool keeps you warm even when it is wet.

“The founding principles of this organisation are closely aligned with Icebreaker’s commitment to making a positive impact on the global community,” – Icebreaker’s CEO, Rob Fyfe.

This Australian Day (26-Jan), join us in wishing the UNstoppables Club a safe and prosperous adventure.

Learn more here.