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You are currently browsing the Icebreaker blog archives for July, 2009.

Merino rehab

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Two days after I came to my first interview at Icebreaker (exactly 1 year ago), my father – Michael Stunden – was taken into hospital for an emergency heart by-pass.  It came completely out of the blue as my father has always been very active.  My folks live in France, I live in Canada.  I made the decision to be with them for the duration, which turned out to be a five week haul.  I thought I had lost the job at Icebreaker and was heart-broken, but resolved.  However, thanks to the immense patience and trust of IB Canada, I was still able to come for a second interview on my return and happily started in post in September.  It was the biggest emotional roller-coaster I have ever been on.  Since coming to Icebreaker I have found my home, and not a day goes past when I don’t give thanks for the opportunity to be here.

But I’ll let my Dad tell it in his own words:

Dearest Gemma

Today has been a day of celebration for this week is the anniversary of my heart operation.  I can only say how grateful we shall always be for your support, made possible by the patience shown by your employers.  So, today is a “thank you” day literally from the bottom of my heart!  I would also like to thank the Icebreaker company as a whole.  I “moved into” Icebreaker layering very soon after my operation.  The Superfine t-shirts were the only clothes I could bear wearing next to my chest.  And for more than 300 of the last 365 days that has remained true: my nearest comfort has been one or other of my Icebreaker’s!  It is so important, when one is in pain and when ones skin is so irritated and sensitive, that a vest should fit firmly and softly to the shape of the operation area, without friction, and also maintain a responsive temperature stability.  I am grateful to have been introduced to the Icebreaker layers which at times stopped me from going crazy.

Gillian has also been inspired to become an Icebreaker wearer at 69 years old, again for their comfort and their capacity to control and steady her body temperature whatever is going on outside.  She now runs a yoga class with her friends in Burgundy and Icebreaker makes a regular appearance.  She is an inspiration!

If it had not been for your introduction, I would not have known of the Icebreaker products – nor would the growing population of people, like me, in their “third age”.  When it comes to finding comfort and support as the foundation of ones clothes, I assure you that the active over-60’s are as demanding as any athlete.  Icebreaker not only met my physical needs but did wonders for my morale: they are so sexy, making the wearer feel so good psychologically as well!

- Gemma Stunden, Icebreaker Canada Demand Planner

Athletes Conquer “Insane” Race

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Running a relay race from Montreal to New York City is no picnic, but a group of Icebreaker-sponsored athletes recently met this awesome challenge.

Our Montreal Touch_Lab_ sponsored 10 athletes and two coaches from ‘Esprit de Corps’ to compete in the 617k race. The relay involved running 10k six times, which was especially tough for those athletes who hadn’t done any endurance running before.

Sonia Laboursodiere, a member of group, feared her injuries would prevent her from running her part of the relay.  Despite thinking that the race was “a bit insane”, Sonia decided to go ahead to prove to her four sons “that when you really want something in life, you can achieve it”.

It was a hard slog, but Sonia and her fellow runners successfully completed the race in about 65 hours. All the athletes were running to raise funds for a summer camp for underprivileged children.

“Life sometimes bringing us at a point where we need to make a decision about what we want to accomplish.  This challenge has made me realize that I am able to do more than I thought,” says Sonia.

“I feel much strong and more confident than I did before the race.”

The team all wore Icebreaker_GT tops and caps. Later, they said the fit and style of their Velocity Crewe tops were amazing, very comfortable, and didn’t stink.

Rejean Roussy – Montreal Touch_Lab Manager

Dutch Adventure Racing

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Icebreaker_GT pulled us over the finish line during the Dutch Adventure Race Championship last June.

The RaidXL, also called  “The Master’s track”,  was tough: 240 km in 30 hours.  This included 30 km of walking, 130 km mountain biking, 30 km run&bike, 15 km kayaking,  tubing, 1 km swimming and an array of special tasks.  With 6,000m of altitude difference, high temperatures and some challenging map reading, we had our mental and physical up’s and downs, but undoubtedly our great Icebreaker gear helped us reach the finish line.

About 15 mins before the last part of the Raid, after 200 meters of swimming, I got seriously ill.  My Raid partner suddenly transformed into Florence Nightingale.  He gave me some Coke and put my GT Quantum Zip back on and I was away again.  We finished 3rd, leaving many experienced teams behind.

Another lesson learned:  It ain’t over till it’s over!

Winfried Bats – The Netherlands