A Marathon Run for Starship

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This is my very public mid-life crisis. I figure if I’m going to attempt my first marathon in honour of Starship – New Zealand’s Childrens Hospital, it might as well be at the New York Marathon to be witnessed by millions of encouraging onlookers.

I’m running with my mate Vikki Maclean and it’s true we made a pact to do New York last year – and yes – after a glass of wine (or two). This my have fuelled our courage (and foolishness) but we’ve nonetheless stuck to our word.

We’ve also seen the light and have banished alcohol (well, almost) in favour of energy drinks, 5am daily wake ups to train (in the pitch black and cold) and ongoing strategising to ensure we reach the finish line. My coach Tim Morrison’s unfailingly there with stop-watch and some evil course for me to complete each morning, when my body’s just craving sleep and peace.

Luckily Lucy Lawless, our Starship Foundation ambassador and my good mate, is sometimes literally alongside us to keep the motivation going. She’s also behind us as a very generous supporter for our run – thanks Lucy.

Huge thanks also to long-time Starship sponsor, Air New Zealand, for getting Vikki and me to the USA and to Icebreaker for the very hi-tech and comfortable training gear to ensure we don’t freeze – or overheat. And I wouldn’t have got entry without the stunning help of Carole Mills, Travel Managers Ltd – a big cheers to her! And to ensure I can see where I’m running, Jeremy Wong from Ellerslie Eyecare has custom fitted me with a pair of Adidas Sports Specific Running Sunglasses to train and run in. Just the ticket as the sun’s emerging more often now.

So please visit my fundraising page. I really need your help to make it to the finish line – and reach my fundraising goal for Starship. I’m pushing myself to the limit, so appreciate anything you can do.

Many thanks for your support (& probable sympathies for my wife Jennifer, who faces a huge pile of sweaty training gear each day and puts up with an absentee husband – out on the road somewhere).

- Andrew Young, Chief Executive, Starship Foundation


The Starship Foundation is a charity set up to provide additional equipment, support and help to Starship childrens hospital patients, their families and staff – as an extra to state funding. This is only possible through the generosity of those who believe in our cause and the strength of support for Starship, one of the country’s most recognised icons which treats close to 100,000 patients each year from every town and city in New Zealand. For more information www.starship.org.nz/foundation

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