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You are currently browsing the Icebreaker blog archives for October, 2009.

I love your undies!


Years ago I took a trip to NZ with my family from the US…it was in about 2000 I think. It was there I first met Icebreaker garments and was moderately impressed with the quality, feel, and wearability of the hat and sweater I purchased. On returning back to the US, I found merino boxer shorts online and immediately ordered a couple of pairs for shipment. It was through those wonderful trousers that I really fell in love with the product. Now that I’ve traced the baacode of my most recent boxer short replacements (after about 100+ days of use in the field as a wilderness guide, the waistbands are kaput and holes are forming in the high friction zones) to the actual stations from which they originated, I can’t help but upgrade my assessment to WILDLY IMPRESSED!

My first pair of shorts had thick seams and no front “outlet.” The second generation was a quantum leap into comfiness and durability and was purchased at a mountaineering store in Boulder, CO (they were finally catching on). FINALLY, this generation that I now own (bought two pairs of size medium 200 weight boxers with fly…my wife insisted as the others were falling around my ankles and full of holes…please forgive the detail, but I have a close relationship with these garments J) represent a level of industrial integrity like none I’ve seen before. Thanks so much for what you do!

Here’s what your garments have helped me do:

Over 100 days in the deserts of Utah and Arizona working with drug addicts and “restless” teens learning survival and interpersonal skills…I’d wear your boxer shorts and 260 weight sweater for as much as 8 days at a time! I’d advertise this fact to my clients too as a testament to the wonderful “non-wifiness” of merino.

Over 3.5 years guiding in Oregon, Colorado, and Florida with Outward Bound…challenge and adventure for all walks of life. I think I lost my IB skull cap somewhere in these journeys L

NOW with over 50 days in the Colorado Rockies this summer, I’m going to use my newest shorts as a Project Coordinator for a Veterans Green Corps…military vets doing trailwork and forest fire fuels mitigation in the Colorado Rockies. My Corps members already know how much of a fan of your product I am. Keep up the great work. You guys rock!


- Jason Lawrence, Icebreaker Fan, Veterans Green Corps

Three Bronze Medals!

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The New Zealand BeST Design Awards were held on Friday night and the awesome Icebreaker design team took away three of the highly coveted awards.

We were awarded bronze awards for our Fall Winter 2009 catalogue; for our new Bodyfit+ packaging; and for the Ewe Tunes viral e-campaign we ran over the holidays. Great news!

Nice work team, sausage rolls all round at morning tea today!

Run, But Leave No Footprint Behind

We love this! As seen on NBC5 in Chicago.

How can you run a marathon the green way? Fleet Feet Sports shows you how. And when you upgrade your gear, you can even recycle your old sneakers with them.