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On the 29th of October the European Icebreaker team paid a visit to our sock factory in Mount Airy, North Carolina. We wanted to learn all about why Icebreaker socks rock!

This was also my first day with Icebreaker in my new role as the In-Store Marketing Coordinator for Germany/Norway/Sweden. What a great way to start my IB time – get my nose stuck right into socks on the very first day!

What I have learned..a hell of a lot! While Icebreaker socks may not be made out of 100% merino, they can still perform 100%. A small amount of nylon is added to provide durability and strength but the Merino wool is always in contact with the wearer’s skin! That means the wearer gets to enjoy the full benefits of Icebreaker – they are breathable, don’t stink, and control moisture. Wow!

It was amazing to see the quality of the socks and the numerous controls throughout the manufacturing process. The sock can be checked at every step along the way; from knitting to hand packaging.

It was also good to see that the company didn’t act to serious for us – it was Halloween after all and we really liked the cat and cowgirl costumes. Funny as. Not only that but they taught us how to flat foot dance to the local Blue Grass band that played for us at dinner. Not sure if us Germans quite got it but never mind.

Thanks to Darren and the crew for having us. When I’m next on the road selling great Icebreaker socks I will think of Jimmy, a factory worker at Nester With his thick North Carolina accent. As he said to me standing next to his knitting machine, “I really love the Icebreaker socks man!”

- Michaela Hanke, In-Store Marketing Coordinator, Icebreaker Germany