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You are currently browsing the Icebreaker blog archives for March, 2010.

Himalayan Back Country Skiers and Film Makers: Fresh Snow and Fresh Icebreaker in Kashmir

Adventure seekers love Icebreaker, and Icebreaker loves adventure seekers.  For that reason we were ecstatic to get involved when Anthony Bonello and his team at b4apres got in touch with us about their backcountry ski film that was being shot in the Himalayas.  To be exact they are based out of the Gulmarg Ski Resort in Kashmir.  Spending a good portion of the winter season in the cold and snow, these film makers are creating a documentary showcasing the beauty and culture of Kashmir in hopes to dispel the stigma that this is a dangerous place to travel.

Icebreaker could not think of a better way to help these extreme skiers and artists out than to provide them with some Icebreaker Merino socks, leggings and tops to keep the warm while hiking the mountains, packing film gear, scoping fresh powder lines and interviewing the locals.  Their film promises to impress and the team here at Icebreaker wish them all the best.

Here is a synopsis from Anthony on the film and their project:

b4apres Media’s debut film is a cultural documentary as seen through the eyes of skiers. We will travel into the mountains surrounding the Gulmarg Ski Resort, Kashmir in order to capture the aesthetic beauty of the landscape and the livelihoods of a people eager to dispel the stigma that Kashmir is a dangerous place to travel.

We intend to single out the colorful and iconic local characters within the skiing culture of Gulmarg and convey their passion for the mountains. By allowing the Kashmiri people to show where they are from and significantly, where they are going, the essence of what Kashmir means to its people and what it can mean to the rest of world will be articulated. As foreigners with relatively little experience or understanding of Kashmir, we believe expressing the temperament of post-war Kashmir is best left to the locals.

With its fertile valleys and glaciated mountains, that form the very beginning of the Great Himalaya Mountain Range, the region has a distinct allure for skiers/snowboarders and travelers. With the world’s highest gondola rising to 3980m above sea level, the skiing potential is boundless. We intend to explore the mountains surrounding Gulmarg in search of the ultimate ski run.

To follow the trials and tribulations of making a film in India that is largely dependent on mother nature, check out

Watch the Gulmarg Ski Teaser video here

Love Icebreaker

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Our South-East Australian Account Manager Aleisha recently ran a competition for her sales reps to win a unique Icebreaker Bag.  They had to show proof of their ‘Icebreaker love’ in a creative way.  Check out this winning poem from Alicia, we totally think she deserves to win a bag!

Icebreaker makes the best merino wool garments ever,
ool in summer, warm in winter, thermo-regulating you in any weather.
Environmental and social ethics are key to the Icebreaker brand,
orn in the Southern Alps in New Zealand but worn in every land.
un, hike, climb, kayak, cave, ski; no activity is too great for Icebreaker.
asy to wear, easy to look at; Icebreaker really is a trend-maker.
ccessories such as gloves, beanies, scarves and socks,
eep your fingers and toes as warm as your core and jocks.
static I am, to be itch and stink-free,
Really it’s true, Icebreaker is perfect for you and me!!!

The Motatapu

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Last weekend 16 of my Icebreaker buddies from around the world and I, took to the Southern High Country to compete in The Motatapu. The Motatapu is one of New Zealand’s premier sporting events consisting of three events; a 15km Mountain run, an Off-Road Marathon or a 50km High Country Mountain Bike race.

The last race I competed in was a 2km cross-country race at my High School, 6 years ago. Needless to say a 15km Mountain race was slightly more than a natural next step. Not one to step down from a challenge I decided to throw myself right in.

Now that I’ve finished, I can say it was one of the most inspiring events I have completed. Despite reaching the halfway point and being yet to start our descent after 680m of vertical climbing, or the 2kms of ice-cold rivers we crossed before reaching the finish line, I look back on the event with fond memories. Running across Shania Twain’s private land, through Glencoe Station, across snow grass, and looking over the Wakatipu basin to the Remarkables was breath-taking both at the time and looking back!

Notable mentions go to Rob Achten who finished third running under the secret identity and race name of Darren Chin, our newest employee Martin Hurych who rode 30km of his first mountain bike race with one pedal and Mélina Holzer who completed her first ever marathon.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit this part of New Zealand and take on The Motatapu – don’t think as long about it as I did! It has totally inspired me to continue the training and compete in the next race that comes my way. I read in the Air NZ Magazine on the flight home that there is a race down South which involves a café stop at halfway. Sounds perfect.

- Kaylee Donald, Icebreaker Global In-Store Coordinator