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You are currently browsing the Icebreaker blog archives for October, 2010.

Stop by the Icebreaker booth at the ING NYC Marathon Expo

Deb Boswell, our new General Manager for Running, invites you to stop by the Icebreaker booth at the ING New York City Marathon Expo next week, Nov. 4-6 and meet the team.

Also, check out our first running line for men and women. It’s now available in the Southern Hemisphere, and will be available in northern countries starting in February!

Will our Icebreaker Marathoners Take Manhattan?

Two weeks from now, our Icebreaker NYC Marathon employee team runs in its first ING New York City Marathon on 7 November 2010.  None of our four kiwi runners have ever run a marathon, let alone been to the Big Apple.

So how are they feeling? Here are reports from two of our team:

Anne Radcliffe:

  • Bloody scared! Why do I feel this? Overwhelming fear of failure (my son asked if I am really going to crawl across the finish line, I said I am hoping not).
  • What is the final training? Runs for pleasure – shorter runs, strength training, yoga and massage.
  • What am I doing in the final lead up? Carb loading – eating anything and everything; and lots of chocolate – it’s healthy right?
  • Major concern # 1: How much Icebreaker will fit into a 23kg suitcase? Where am I going to put my shopping (shoes, handbags, gifts for family) heading home?
  • Major concern # 2: Will I shame the Icebreaker name wearing it so boldly in my midlife crisis run doing NYC Marathon 2010?
  • Major concern # 3: My wave heads off on 7 Nov at 10.40am – will it be dark when I cross the finish line?
  • Major concern # 4: I am going to need to feed the machine en route; better be pizza on the way!

Rob Barlow:

  • Friday 22 Oct at 6pm: Ate a Big Mac combo for dinner, downed 7 beers with the boys then had a seedy Grand Angus Burger at the end of the night.
  • Saturday 23 Oct at 7am: Ran 6kms before I felt sick. Legs felt like lead.
  • Conclusion – still some way before I can reach my target of consuming 53 beers on the flight over and still being able to run.

Please let Anne and Rob know your advice.  We’ll let you know soon how our other two teammates are faring – once we hear from them!

Alice and Anne

Alice and Anne


What happens when four kiwis go to New York for the first time to run their first marathon? We’re about to find out when our own Alice Foote (New Zealand Marketing Manager), Anne Radcliffe (Payroll Administrator) Emma Stableford (Product Developer) and Rob Barlow (Australia Marketing Manager) head to the ING New York City Marathon, 7 November 2010.

Icebreaker will be at the ING New York City Expo for a third straight year, speaking with runners about the joys of natural, breathable, no-stink merino! Stop by and say hi, and get your autograph from Ramotaur, our own half-man, half ram mythological being!

Our fabulous Icebreaker NYC Marathon team members will each be running to raise money for two great charities. They’ve challenged their mates to pledge to support them and invite you too:

  • The Catwalk Trust: Dedicated to raising funds to support the body of scientific opinion, which says a cure for Spinal Cord Injury will be found.
  • Team Continuum: Cares for the immediate non-medical needs of cancer patients that are not reimbursed by any form of insurance.

We’re also hosting a special event in support of The CatWalk Trust NYC Marathon Team at Madam Geneva, 4 Bleeker St, on Friday, Nov 5th from 6-8pm. See our Facebook page for more info!


Comment from runner #1  – Bobbie Barlow (representing the Aussies)

As the sole Ocker from Icebreaker competing in this year’s NYC marathon I expect nothing but a win over those cockeyed kiwis. I spent a week at the AIS developing my Pre-Race programme: drink 53 cans of VB on the flight from Sydney to LA, charm 20 American sheilas……into buying merino, and drink a slab of Tooheys New every night. This is the fair dinkum Aussie recipe for success, so don’t be a tight-arse and put your money on the mighty green and gold. And don’t back those kiwis, they’re as mad as a cut snake.

Comment from runner #2 – Alice ‘time for a cuppa’ Foote (representing the Kiwi’s)

Thanks to Lisa T (Icebreaker USA President/Princess) I have maintained a dedicated & vigilant training program over the last 365 days. This combined with my additional motivator (I’ve been told I may be fired if AU wins) means you should have every confidence to back NYC runner 107. I plan to attack the race by breaking it into bite-sized chunks. Every kilometre represents one packet. 42 packets = 504 biscuits. Average speed 100 biscuits per hour. Judging by my committed build up & training I am confident I can have this nailed in under 5 hours. Please have full confidence to support NZ and help raise money for Catwalk and Team Continuum.

Sponsor acknowledgements – Icebreaker & Griffin’s.

Comment from runner #3 – Anne ‘the tortoise’ Radcliffe (representing Icebreaker Head Office and EU)

New York Marathon 2010 will most probably be the first, and last, marathon event I ever do. It will probably take a lifetime to recover from it – that and a double hip replacement I might need!  Why am I doing it?  Besides the New York shopping – primarily to give my children something to look back on with pride – that their mother could have the guts, motivation and share stupidity to do something really hard and really crazy and get a medal to show for it. I decided if I was going to take on a Marathon – it had to be the best; hence New York City 2010.  I am not there to win – the only prize I might be awarded is for the slowest Marathon time ever.  But hell, I am prepared to give it a go.  Please support our Icebreaker Athletes – Alice, Rob, Emma and Anne by donating funds for our very worthy causes.

Comment from runner #4 – Emma ‘Jamaican Maan’  Stableford (representing Nth America and Jamaica apparently)

I have been taking the matter of winning against Alice, Anne and Rob very seriously hence my yellow training undies. I’ve been training in the high temperatures of Jamaica for the summer which is how I got such a fantastic tan, tiny waist, flat chest, and huge, powerful arse. If you vote for me I will run in these nice yellow undies and win. Alice, Rob and Anne don’t have undies like this so they probably won’t win. Thanks for supporting our charities! It’s much appreciated.