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You are currently browsing the Icebreaker blog archives for June, 2011.

Extreme Icebreaker

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Langely McNeal is an Icebreaker sponsored athlete and has just been on an extreme skiing trip to Alaska.  Below are some pictures and a video she has shared with us from her trip.  Langely is the last girl in the video segment.

“I sported my Icebreaker everyday and it kept me warm on those long days when we were standing around for production, and it kept me the perfect temperature while ripping it up.  I love being a part of the Icebreaker team, it is such an honor.”

– Langely McNeal, US Ski Cross World Cup Team/Freeskier

Headed Inland for Warmth

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Icebreaker ambassador, Mark Campbell visited our Montreal TouchLab last week  and talked about his own running adventures at our Montreal-NYC run event. Below he shares with us his thoughts about the run and the crew.

I am back at home in Nova Scotia after a trip to the kick-off for an Icebreaker-sponsored running adventure from Montréal to New York.  The two teams, organized by Montreal trainer group Esprit de Corps are a diverse bunch and include former NHL tough guy Georges Laraque, who has taken on a new role as an enforcer for positive change and goodwill.  The run raises funds for Esprit de Corp’s charity helping disadvantaged families experience outdoor adventure. I was inspired by the runners’ positive energy and it was great to see first-hand a partnership between a company like Icebreaker and cause. It was also great to meet the Icebreaker crew who are without exception, dynamic and amazingly friendly.

Many in the Montreal-NYC group have made life changes and trained very hard to be able to accomplish this challenge. I was invited to present a bit of my own story of going from out of shape, unemployed and without purpose, to becoming physically active and involved in many projects and charities – in particular the Brigadoon Kids Camp for chronically ill kids.  Years ago, I had an epiphany about how my own activities were really me “playing”, and how many people and kids never get that opportunity. I decided to try and help others find opportunities to discover that same joy.  You don’t have to be a superhero to have a great impact: I feel we are all blessed with our own superpowers and using them for good, enriches our lives. The Montreal-NYC runners are definitely some of that breed.  I was honoured to meet them and spend a little time with them.  Good luck, enjoy the experience, and thank you. You definitely don’t stink!

– Mark Campbell – Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Icebreaker Runs 2011: the 2011 Montreal-NYC Relay Run

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It was only a week ago that the Icebreaker Montreal TouchLab hosted an evening for the Esprit de Corps charity relay run from Montreal, Canada to-New York City, U.S.A. It was also on Friday June 3, that Icebreaker joined the starting line Expo activities in the Old Port of Montreal – the starting line of the 60+ hour journey. Over the weekend I kept followed the teams route south, continually stunned at how quickly they seemed to progress. My own own experience of running last year though has taught me that time passes altogether differently out there on the road!

Icebreaker has generously supported the 2011 Montreal-NYC runners by outfitting the teams with our new GT Run line, once again putting light-weight, breathable, non-stinky merino to the test of endurance, running legs and 60 hours couped up in two RVs. We even enticed Halifax based Icebreaker ambassador, Mark Campbell, to come down and talk about his own running adventures at our TouchLab event (more on that in our next Blog post).

Although Icebreaker may be a new concept for some, like ex- Montreal Canadians player and Montreal-NY 2011 team member, Georges Laraque, it has been amazing to see some of my team mates from last year – as well as newly introduced runners – embrace Icebreaker merino so enthusiastically.

We congratulate the runners on their achievement, commitment and effort, and hope that their journey was filled with positive insight.  We look forward to hearing their stories and their feedback about the Icebreaker GT Run range.

- Andrew Hlavacek, Manager – Icebreaker Montreal TouchLab