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You are currently browsing the Icebreaker blog archives for November, 2011.

Icebreaker Gear Bolsters Team CatWalk in NYC

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What a week we had. All 15 members of Team CatWalk made it safely round the NYC marathon and lived to tell the tale! To come all the way from New Zealand to participate in the world’s greatest marathon was an amazing experience and boy, does New York know how to host a party?! What an incredible atmostphere – the spectators, the bands, the food, the flags; just amazing.

Our sponsored Icebreaker gear was such an awesome treat too. To get logoed running tees (Rush Crewe for women and Ace Crewe for men) and a hoodie (GT260 Quantum Hood) really cemented the Team, we could spot each other in the hotel (even if not on the road with 47,000 other runners!) and they are so warm – essential in a New York winter! We were really proud to be showcasing fantastic NZ merino quality clothing on the international stage.

Of course New Yorkers know all about Icebreaker because of the phenomenal TouchLab store there. As we discovered on our second night in NYC, it’s also a great place for a party! We had a great night meeting other like minded runners and getting excited about the big event. The cute ‘Ram’ mascot was an added bonus to the evening!

Running a marathon for a worthy cause combines a trip to one of the greatest cities in the world with a ‘bucket list’ tick and a high feel good factor for the Team CatWalk members. Knowing a world class company like Icebreaker is also supporting us gives us that bit more energy to keep going when we are wondering what we signed ourselves up for. We will get spinal cord injured people out of wheelchairs and back on their feet, and Icebreaker will have helped. Everyone’s a winner (except possibly the odd toenail!)

Nicola Holmwood, Team Manager for Team CatWalk 2011

Why Icebreaker is the natural choice for Green Gift Monday

Quite simply, because nature is better than plastic.

We know you care about where the things you buy come from, want to know about the ethical commitment of the companies you buy from, and what impact your purchases will have on the planet. That’s why we’re committed to a sustainable business model that doesn’t put profits ahead of the environment.

Each year, sheep in New Zealand’s Southern Alps grow thick merino wool, and each spring the coat is shorn. From this fibre, Icebreaker creates beautiful merino clothing. Our merino clothing combines the best qualities of traditional wool, synthetics and cotton. It’s soft and non-itch, it’s warm in the cold and cool in the heat, it breathes to prevent clamminess, and it has a miraculous ability to warn off stinkiness – you can run a marathon and still smell as sweet as if you’ve spent the day on the sofa.

And because it was made in the mountains, rather than a lab, merino wool is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Plus, your unique Baacode will let you trace the merino fibre from your Icebreaker garment back to its source. You can see the living conditions of the high country sheep that produced the wool, meet the farmers who are custodians of this astonishing landscape, and follow every step of the supply chain.

So along with The Nature Conservancy we’re celebrating the second year of Green Gift Monday! And encouraging you to give green this holiday season with responsible, meaningful holiday gifts.

Green Gift Monday coincides with Cyber Monday, November 28, the biggest online shopping day of the year.