Along for the ride at Speight’s Coast to Coast

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I had the undeniable pleasure of being part of the Icebreaker retail crew at this year’s Speight’s Coast to Coast. It was the 30th anniversary of this iconic adventure race, which starts on Kumara Beach on the West coast of New Zealand’s South Island and finishes on Sumner Beach on the East coast.

This was Icebreaker’s third year as the exclusive clothing sponsor, and we also entered a HOT Icebreaker team (yes, including you, Craig!).

One of the most grueling races around, Speight’s Coast to Coast is heralded as the World Multisport Championships. Over either two days, or one day for the truly insane, competitors (as individuals or in teams of two) cycle 140 kms, run 36 km over mountains and kayak 67kms down the rapids on the Waimakariri River.

Team Icebreaker consisted of Casey and her partner, Dave, who’d both flown from Australia to join a long list of international athletes for the event. Fleur Pawsey and Simone Maier, alongside Ginny Bush, were three of our team best placed for podium finishes. Craig, Blake, Lisa, Dana, Jacqui and Hamish made up the rest of the team.

What did I take from the event?

  • You’ve got to put in a helluva lot of training just to survive – it makes me tired just thinking about it
  • Anyone who attempts the race is amazing – hats off to every member of Team Icebreaker
  • The sense of achievement on completion is massive – big grins and tired bodies all round
  • People get addicted and come back time and time again – they must be mad
  • Support crews are vital and form a big part of the vibe – thank goodness they’re there to drink all the Speights (honestly, no one from Icebreaker touched a drop!)
  • Viewing the run section from a helicopter is much easier than running it – thanks to Double Hill Station Heli Flights for the ride
  • Icebreaker clothing rocks in multisport – it was everywhere!

And, to share Casey’s thoughts on completing the event, “The sense of achievement is awesome, the run kicks arse, and the atmosphere of the whole event is super fun. I urge anyone tempted to sign up, it’s very achievable with a bit of training…I had only been on my bike 5 times!” So maybe, just maybe, I could do it – one day (in the far off future)…

And the winners? Everyone, for their huge achievements, with a special big ups to Fleur Pawsey for placing second in the women’s one-day race.

- Jo Miller, Icebreaker PR

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