Art of Nature with Andrei Duman


IMG_0288“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” is the motto not only inscribed in my gallery but also permanently imprinted in the way that I view the power of travel and exploration. I truly believe that travelling to the more unknown or secluded parts of this planet provides one with a great deal of self awareness and general feeling of achievement. It allows one to think, breath and take it all in, something that is a bit of a rarity in today’s hectic world. I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to over 70 countries in search of the remote and unique places and always on the lookout for the beauty in nature and people. I am in constant search for the intriguing patterns that the natural world provides as I feel that it makes for really interesting compositions. One of my favorite forms of photography is aerial. Being high up in the air, above it all, you see things differently. It allows you to literally step back and see a different angle. My most recent helicopter trip was in Northern California where I was hanging outside the helicopter with the door off, panning hard to shoot down on the amazing salt flats and the different bacteria that grows in the marshes. On this shoot, I decided to have a tight composition to show the converging lines and colors, with the hope that a viewer would have to think about what they were really looking at.

California 2  Andrei Duman Lake California California 4

When choosing my next location to shoot, I am looking for the hard to reach locations. It makes the journey that much more intriguing….that much more exciting and being away from the main cities, you get the chance to feel the true heartbeat of a place and its people. Photographing in locations like Namibia’s Namib Desert and standing next to the world’s tallest dunes makes you feel so small and insignificant. Scuba diving with the bioluminescence creatures at midnight in Hawaii shows the beauty in the smallest of creatures and the unique tattooed women of the secluded tribe in Myanmar portrays the unique diversity that surrounds us.
IMG_0778 dune3

It is these fascinating subjects that most excite me and the journey to get to see them is all part of the path one has to take to go the extra mile for something that not many people will get to ever see. One example of this was my trip to Jellyfish Lake in Palau. It was one of the main reasons for visiting the island as I simply had to experience it for myself. Separated over millions of years from the ocean, the lake is full of countless jellyfish. As a result of not having any natural predators, they have lost their stingers. Snorkeling through the water feels like you are transported to another world. It is hauntingly beautiful and something that you don’t easily forget.

Jelly Fish Lake 2 Jelly Fish Lake 1

Jelly Fish Lake 7

I believe that we should all try to step outside of what we think is ordinary or “traditional” travel locations and not be scared to experiment with lesser known places. I think a lot of people would be pleasantly surprised how amazing the landscapes are, how friendly the locals are and how delicious the national dishes are. I guarantee that one will also learn a great deal about themselves and the entire travel experience would ground them and make them better people in their every day lives.”

-Andrei Duman

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IG: @andreidumanphotography

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