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Socks on Polish patrol

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While members of Poland’s Tatra Mount Rescue Service (TOPR) protect climbers on the High Tatras Mountains, Icebreaker socks will be protecting the rescuers’ feet.

More than 200 professional mountain rescuers from TOPR will keep their feet warm and snug in our Hiker Heavy, Skiier Lite or Skiier Mid socks while they patrol the High Tatras, which are on the borders between Slovakia and Poland.

Seven TOPR members are now wearing Icebreaker socks and clothing on a Himalayan expedition to Dhaulagiri. The expedition was organised to celebrate 100 years of TOPR, which was founded in 1909 by Mariusz Zaruski to provide tourists, skiiers, climbers and visitors to the High Tatras with first aid.

The group of professional mountain rescuers, which includes the general chief, all have experience from past expeditions and are mountain guides, skiiers and ski-mountaineers.

They are completing the classic route to the summit of the 8167m-high Dhaulagiri (White Mountain), which was the first route ever climbed by expedition members in the 1960s. The famous Polish mountaineer and TOPR rescuer, Jerzy Hajdukiewicz, participated in that first expedition.

The team departed on March 23 and is expected back in Poland on May 14.

For more details on the climb, click here.

Bodyfit+ in action on the Oxfam Trailwalker

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We gave journalists from HB Media some of our Bodyfit+ tops to try out while they completed the Oxfam Trailwalker.

“A big thanks for the Icebreaker tops for the Oxfam Trailwalker!

We walked non-stop and finished the 100km in 31 hours, and miraculously the tops still smelt reasonable! I did have blisters the size of golf balls – and there were a few issues wearing shoes for the next couple of days!

Here are some photos of us – or check out our team blog here.

Kind regards,
Lauren Bartlett, HB Media