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Ole!  What better way to celebrate a successful planning meeting than to make delicious Spanish food with friends, accompanied by a Gypsy Kings soundtrack and plenty of Sangria?  Last month, members of the Icebreaker US Market team got to experience just that when we ventured over to Portland’s Hipcooks to learn how to make tapas.

With locations in Portland, Seattle, and L.A., Hipcooks hosts group cooking classes for the beginning cook to the Top Chef wannabe.  Our teacher Nick got us started with the most important part of the meal – the Sangria course!  Over the next hour, he had each of us make some component of every meal.   We each got a chance to stir, season, chop, flip, and mix and he showed us techniques to make our cooking more efficient and fun.  The dishes we made ranged from a simple, spicy caramelized nut mix, to a complex flan.  And they all looked delicious!

After the cooking was finished, we all set down at Hipcooks massive dining table for a group dinner.  Eating a meal prepared as a group was so much better than just going out to a restaurant!  As we passed around the food and drank the last of the Sangria, we talked about the techniques we had learned and laughed about the crazy cooking skills that some of us had displayed, especially Mike, with his amazing bottle flip while making Sangria (we think he was the inspiration for Tom Cruise in Cocktail).

If you’re looking for a great group activity, team cooking classes are the way to go!  Our night at Hipcooks is one we won’t soon forget!

- Matt Hazel, Icebreaker US Customer Service Rep