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Realfleece – for real

Since the 1980s, consumers have been “fleeced” by sportswear companies that make garments they call “fleece” but are actually synthetic garments made from oil.

Everyone knows real Champagne comes from the Champagne region of France; and real fleece only comes from a sheep – and now from us right here in New Zealand!

In our new Fall/Winter 10 season we unveil Realfleece – a premium natural alternative to a synthetic fleece for men and women. Unlike synthetics, Icebreaker Realfleece is stylish and sophisticated and can be worn on the mountain as well as on the town.

Here’s Icebreaker founder & CEO Jeremy Moon talking about Realfleece:

Realfleece is available from select Icebreaker retailers and online in the US at

Realfleece Aspiring Hood

Realfleece Aspiring Hood

Realfleece Igloo Hood

Realfleece Igloo Hood

Our cross-dressing CEO

Our CEO and Founder Jeremy Moon loves wearing chick’s clothing – check him out working hard last week, developing our new range with the team in Portland.  He loved wear-testing the girls hats and scarves.

Our latest addition to the Icebreaker family – the Touch_Lab_ Newmarket

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What a month!  I started with Icebreaker only a few weeks ago… but somehow it feels as though all of my retail experience has led me to take on this new role.  The Newmarket (in Auckland, New Zealand) store opening has been fantastic with such an amazing positive response from everyone that walks in the door.  It is not uncommon to have someone enter the shop who just wants to share their Icebreaker story, or to say “Yay! What a presence, the store looks amazing!!!”

The media launch last week was no exception.  The room was filled with local business people, personalities and media representatives, ready to be wooed by Jeremy Moon.  And they were not disappointed.  Jeremy set the scene with the story of Icebreaker before giving way to the live fashion show. The plush woollen carpet down the middle of the store became the catwalk for the models antics, dive rolls and exuberant high fives. A real Icebreaker way to show off this seasons new styles.

The highlight of the night… hmmm a real toss-up between the cute smiles of the Kid’s range models, and the Ramotaur parading in the Beast underwear collection!!  Sorry kids… but I have to go for the Ramotaur.

That’s it from me… I will finish with an invitation for all to come in and see the latest Fall/Winter 10 Icebreaker merino range and fantastic layout of the newest addition to the Icebreaker family – the Touch_Lab_ Newmarket.

See you soon!

- Jenny Ryan, Store Manager Icebreaker Touch_Lab_ Newmarket

Icebreaker Touch_Lab_
262 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland
Phone: 09 529 7552
Store hours: Open 7 days: Mon-Fri 9.00am – 5.30pm, Sat 10.00am – 5.00pm, Sun 10.00am – 4.00pm