Team Icebreaker arrived home last week after completing the epic non-stop bike race – Race Across America.

Here’s a quick thank you from the Team Icebreaker Crew Chief, Makuini Warbrick:

To our followers and supporters – Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement.  Your praise and belief in us kept us pumped for the entire journey, we couldn’t have done it without you!

To our riders – Hamish, Jason, Rob and Mike – you guys are AWESOME!  Your ability to keep going,  at all hours, loving it, hating it, feeling unwell, hurting and yet still putting out fast speeds makes you SUPER STAR’S in our books.  Thanks for keeping calm when we directed you the wrong way, for pitching in when the crew needed a hand – you were easy to crew for and we want to thank you for letting us be part of the team.

To our support crew – Kurt, Katie, Kim, Alex, Liz, & Darren – THANK YOU!!  What a huge effort put in by everyone.  There was nothing romantic about how we lived the 7 days.  Kurt’s quote ‘RAAM isn’t just a race, it’s a lifestyle’ was so true, one that can only be fully appreciated when you are sleep deprived, jittery on energy drinks, worried about causing a time penalty, cruising in an RV that stinks to high heaven, and focused on the riders every moment of the day.  Thank you for self-sacrificing and putting the team first at all times!

To our media team – Fred and Amanda – We couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you both for your commitment to stepping in to help the team out when we realised we needed more hands on deck.  Your ability to drive and navigate yet still capture the journey helped us look up and see the beauty all around.

To our Sponsors:
Honey Stinger – A natural alternative to synthetic energy bars.  We can’t rave about you guys enough!  Your products were still good for our riders right up till the end – nearly 7 days later!!  Their stomachs thank you for finding a natural product that’s easy to digest yet delivers on performance.

KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen – Your product is so easy to apply and wear.  We forgot how good a job it does because the effect of not using it – sunburn was never an issue for us.  Thanks for keeping us sun safe!
in the US and in NZ.

Horleys – Replace Hydration kept the electrolytes up and still tasted good after 7 days in extreme heat and humidity.  Thanks for hooking us up!

Penny Farthing Cycles in Wellington NZ & Giant Bicycles – thank you for supplying Jases’ bike and all the guidance and support leading up to the race. and

What an amazing experience for us all!

L-R (Back Row): Rob, Jason, Darren, Kurt, Kim, Makuini, Fred, Amanda & Alex.    L-R (Front Row): Liz, Hamish, Katie & Mike.

L-R (Back Row): Rob, Jason, Darren, Kurt, Kim, Makuini, Fred, Amanda & Alex. L-R (Front Row): Liz, Hamish, Katie & Mike.