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New Addition to the Icebreaker Flock

“I went docking on my friend’s farm recently and, of course, I came home with an orphaned lamb. After being separated from the flock at mustering, she got stuck in a boggy mud and was near dead from hunger. The farm had its quota of pet lambs for the season, so she came home with me – and I named her Betty.  Everyone thinks I’m mad, but as soon as they meet her, they become quite fond of the little woolly creature.


Because she’s only a few week old and needs feeding every four hours, Betty comes to work with me – and she’s a hit. The Icebreaker crew really enjoys having her around – there’s often a line to feed her! A lot of kids come in to meet her too.

betty3 betty2

At night Betty trots around on my deck, then cuddles up with me on the couch, before skipping off to her wee bed in the shed.  It’s not a bad life for a lamb, better than staying in that bog anyway. When she is big enough to look after herself she’ll head back out to the farm.

Just like Icebreaker, I believe in the humane treatment of all animals (learn more about Icebreaker’s ethics here). Betty has a pen with hay and natural light. She also gets to wander around on grass each morning, lunchtime and evening. I just wanted to share a bit about her wee life to date – hope you enjoy her as much as I do!”

- Katy McLean, Icebreaker In-House Producer



New Zealand’s coastal city of Napier is synonymous with both adventure and design.  A love for the outdoors and a great appreciation for nature and natural products is shared by locals and those passing through, making it a perfect home for Icebreaker. And so this week our doors opened for the first time in Napier’s bustling city center shopping area.


We sat down with Amanda Salama, Icebreaker’s Global Retail Marketing Manager, and one of the many minds behind our latest store, and asked her for a behind-the-scenes look at the new location:

Napier, located in Hawke’s Bay on the eastern coast of the North Island, is known for its 1930s art deco and Spanish mission style buildings. In addition to amazing architecture and quaint shops, the area also has a reputation for outdoors activities such as fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, and parasailing (all of which Icebreaker clothing is perfect for!).

Each community is unique, and each Icebreaker store is uniquely designed to tell the Icebreaker story in the most engaging way. Upon entering the Napier store, customers are met by a “mountain” display that demonstrates how the Icebreaker layering system works. New Zealand merino sheep stations, where all of our Icebreakers are born, served as inspiration for the materials and textures featured throughout the store – everything from the natural woods for the walls, fitting rooms, floor fixtures and shelving to the natural steel incorporated into the design of the tables and floor hang bars. Finally, a community hub/library provides a space to spark conversation and discovery about Icebreaker’s heritage and brand. Our designers also have combined creative lighting with natural materials (like wood and stone) to evoke the feeling of being in nature.

155 IMG_9987156

Come in and say hello during our grand opening party on Thursday, October 9th. Jeremy Moon, Icebreaker’s founder, will be there to welcome everyone – and to invite you to explore our latest collection and take advantage of exclusive grand opening specials while enjoying nibbles and Terra Sancta wines. Be one of the first 50 to flock through our doors and receive a complimentary gift bag of Icebreaker goodies. Plus, be in to win $1000 worth of Icebreaker! RSVP here.

Icebreaker Napier
Hours: Mon-Sat: 9am-5pm | Sun: 10am-4pm
Location: 65 Emerson Street Napier S | Napier 4110

Looking for Icebreaker in your area? Icebreaker can be found in more than 3,000 stores and 44 countries around the world. Find the closest one here.


Icebreaker Compass Points to Award in Germany

Last week Icebreaker headed off to Friedrichshafen, Germany for the Spring/Summer OutDoor Trade Show, an event showcasing upcoming products from the world’s leading outdoor brands. This year the expert panel of judges reviewed 361 products, with 35 being selected to receive an OutDoor Industry Award. Judges chose the winning items of gear – including jackets, sport and outdoor apparel, footwear and backpacks – for their “outstanding” innovation and quality.

Icebreaker submitted the Compass Longsleeve Shirt from our upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 collection, and following judging by six international experts, it was named one of the best designed entries. The Compass Shirt is a woven hike shirt made from our finest merino wool. It features strategically placed 120g mesh eyelet underarm panels for venting and enhanced mobility, a secure zippered chest pocket, center front snap buttons and button cuff closures. The shirt also offers UPF 25+.

The award jury concluded the Compass Shirt was outstanding in:
• Degree of innovation
• Choice of materials
• Environmental compatibility
• Functionality

The Icebreaker team had a fantastic time at our tradeshow booth (see pics below) and received a lot of great feedback. We’re looking forward to showing off these new designs and innovations when the Summer 2015 collection launches.

Are you as excited as we are? We hope so.

Stay tuned for future updates on products from our new season…