Ever worn your Icebreaker planking? Turns out it’s just as good for wearing while acting like a plank of wood as it is for hiking, skiing and running.

Icebreaker’s Northern Hemisphere Sales and Marketing team put our gear to the planking test in Amsterdam the other week, when we met to launch the new Spring/Summer 2012 range.

In typical Icebreaker fashion, the sales meeting was a mix of early morning meetings and late night scavenger hunts.  Frank Spiewack, General Manager of Emerging Markets, demonstrated a few inspirational planks before giving us the challenge of trying it for ourselves.

Our in-house photo documentarian, Kent Hawkins, captured the Icebreaker International Planking Team as we planked our way through Amsterdam. Planking wild!

Want to join the planking craze? Give it a try, and share your photos with us on our Facebook Page.  Between now and August, post photos on our wall of you wearing Icebreaker while planking. Tag the Icebreaker you’re wearing in your photos, and you may be the lucky planker who wins an Icebreaker planking outfit!

Planking has a strong history in New Zealand – Kiwi IndyCar driver Scott Dixon planked on the tires of his race car, and Prime Minister John Key appeared hovering mysteriously in the background of a shot of his teenage son, Max, planking on a sofa.

So give planking a go. And don’t forget: plank safe.

Sincerely, and planks for reading,

The Icebreaker International Planking Team