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Our Portland Team

We asked the team in our Portland office to take a picture of themselves – it certainly speaks for itself!


My second Icebreaker home

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I’ve been lucky enough to head to our Portland Oregon office this week to hang out with the US IB gang.  I’ve picked a fantastic week, the sun is shining, it’s warm – much nicer than the snow and swine flu outbreak I’ve been hearing about back home in New Zealand (although I still miss my global marketing buddies). 

I can’t believe how cool the office is over here – so stylish, roomy, funky and full of fun people.  They’ve even got dogs that come to work too, gorgeous wee things they are.  It feels like my second Icebreaker home really, a little piece of NZ halfway around the world.

- Brooke Riley, Web Project Manager

Hiking for Earth Day

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Although every day is effectively Earth Day, the flock from our US office and Icebreaker Touch_Lab store in Portland went for a lunchtime hike in Forest Park to celebrate Earth Day 2009.

We are keen on reducing our carbon footprint, so everyone (including two four-legged friends) piled into Pdx PediCabs and headed to the park where we met Stephen Hatfield, from the Forest Park Conservancy (FPC).

The FPC is all about protecting the precious piece of earth known as Forest Park, and with Icebreaker merino garments being renewable, sustainable, biodegradable and gentle on the environment, it was a great fit.  We enjoyed a fabulous hike up to the historic Stone House in Forest Park, taking in the beautiful surroundings.

- Molly King, Marketing Coordinator

To show continued support for the FPC, 10% of all Earth Day sales from the Icebreaker Touch_Lab_ store were donated to the Forest Park Conservancy Fund.