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Here’s a Blog post from our friends at Running Caffeinated who helped us launch our SoHo NYC Run Club on Wednesday night:

In a word, tonight was…fantabulous! Yes, it was that cool that I had to invent a word to describe it. Icebreaker, the run gear that everyone runner should be wearing, just launched their very own run group with, Running Caffeinated! We couldn’t have asked for a better turnout on this dreary NYC evening. We kicked-off the very first run with an easy 4 miles along the West Side Highway. And awaiting us at the store – an amazing spread of food.

What made the night even more spectacular was special guest, Kathrine Switzer, the very first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon. Her spirit, energy and passion for the sport are inspiring and infectious. I practically jumped out of my skin when I say living legend Kathrine Switzer. She is such a warm and welcoming person you just want to give her a hug and that’s exactly what I did, I couldn’t help myself!

Even cooler, was the fact that she accompanied us on our run. She took the time to chat with each runner in the group. She listened as everyone anxiously spilled their own passion for running, what they were training for, past accomplishments, etc.

The post-run cuisine was better than what you’d find in a five star restaurant. And while water and Gatorade are usually the only rehydrating options, every now and then it’s nice to have some fine New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or an IPA to go with that salmon ceviche or lamb pie. And for dessert, yes, dessert, raspberry lamington. Chef Mark Simmons took the post-run food table to a completely new level.

The evening wrapped up with a motivational, inspiring and entertaining talk from Kathrine about her quest to compete the Motatapu Icebreaker Marathon and the race that started it all, that fateful day in Boston.

If you missed the chance to join us for our inaugural run don’t worry; we’ll be back next Wednesday and every Wednesday after that, same time, same place, same Icebreaker run shirt. Because it’s No Stink!

- Carol Buonanno & Kelly Burnes, Running Caffeinated