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Counting the number of runners in Icebreaker at the Melbourne Marathon

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Melbourne Outlet team member Aleisha Leonard competed in the Melbourne Marathon on Sunday 14 October with her fiancée Harriet. The girls were decked out in Icebreaker from head-to-toe to complete the race in comfort! (that’s 11 pieces of Icebreaker worn between them)

After months of hard training they crossed the line in a time of 4hrs7min, under their goal of 4hrs15mins (and a 45min PB from Aleisha’s 1st marathon last year.) Aleisha was happy to be up and moving at work the next day, a much quicker recovery compared to the week of pain after completing her first marathon last year! She reported back that they used the 4+hrs to count 25 runners wearing Icebreaker tops (and one beanie) as they passed them!

“Anyone who says Icebreaker can’t be worn for exercise needs to try it.

To train for the marathon we ran 6 nights a week through the freezing Melbourne winter, through wind rain and hail! The same outfit would be worn for days before washing. I can’t imagine having to do all that training AND having to wash stinky synthetic gear every day. We did 3hr+ runs on weekends starting in the dark, sometimes runs in the midday sun… always keeping warm or cool whatever the temperature, and never stinky!

I think I’ll become a spartan (10+ Melbourne marathons) and will of course be wearing head to toe Icebreaker merino in all of them!”

Shardonnay Bliss - Melbourne Outlet Store Manager

Top 10 running tips from Kathrine Switzer

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It’s marathon season! Looking for some inspiration on how to start running? Here are some super simple tips from Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon – she’s 65 and still running.

Kathrine’s Top 10 Tips

  1. Put your shoes on and go
  2. Enter an upcoming race and train for it, a goal keeps you focused
  3. Record every run; it keeps you honest and it’s motivating
  4. Find a running buddy; you won’t skip a run
  5. Only have 10 minutes; That’s better than no minutes, so get going
  6. Missed a workout? Don’t feel guilty, just start again
  7. Diets alone don’t work, exercise does. Running burns more calories faster than anything else
  8. Your run is an investment in YOU; you deserve to feel good
  9. If you’re not good for yourself, you’re not your best for anyone else
  10. You’re never too old, slow or big to run. Feel the joy

Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to officially run the Boston marathon in 1967, when the race was considered a mens-only event. Despite being attacked by the race director who tried to rip off her bib numbers ’261′ and throw her out of the race, Kathrine prevailed and finished, vowing to change woman’s running for ever.

And she did! After running 35 marathons and winning the New York City Marathon, Kathrine created a global circuit of races for over a million women that led to the inclusion of the women’s marathon in the Olympic Games.

For more motivation and help check out Kathrine’s books at


The world’s coldest and toughest ultra

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Sometimes people just do the most amazing things. On February 4th 2012, Justin Wallace began running the Yukon Arctic Ultra, pulling a 50lb sled across the frozen Yukon river and over the wooded hills that surround it as well. 100 miles (160km) and in a time of 21 hours and 41 minutes later he was the first competitor to arrive in Braeburn, getting there before the finish line had even been set up and establishing a new course record!

“The race started out too warm for my 200 weight GT top from Icebreaker, but as temperatures dropped to below -30ºC during the night, the base layer really shone. With only a light jacket over top and a well covered head, I ran through the darkness warm and dry. My physical comfort allowed me to enjoy the race, marvelling at how the snow crystals in the trees twinkled in the moonlight and watching the faint northern lights dance in green waves overhead.”


Here’s an excerpt from the February 5 Yukon Arctic Ultra News:
“Justin Wallace from Whitehorse sets new record and wins 100 mile race. We knew yesterday morning that Justin would be fast. I do admit that I did not expect it. Simply because I did not know him. Friends of his were not as surprised. I am told he trained very hard and used any excuse to go to places pulling his sled rather than taking a car. Not just once he showed up with an iced up face mask at friend’s places after a long run. And it paid off. Justin reached the finish line in Braeburn at 08:13 this morning, 21 hours and 41 minutes after race start and won the 100 miles. And not only did he win. He also broke the existing record by more than 2 hours!”