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It started as a simple bet; if a certain number of people liked the Teton Running Company Facebook page, I would  let the public choose my outfit for a the next local race. No harm there, I thought. I’ll probably end up running in some high split shorts and a bright jersey.

Turns out the people felt I needed a little more support and that I had a stomach to die for, or at least laugh at. The votes were counted and a running skirt and sports bra reigned as champions.

The skirt seemed simple enough, a compression short with some extra drapery, in all reality very comfortable. The sports bra was another issue. Ask any girl and they will tell you this is a big deal. Make the wrong choice and you will be bouncing, rubbing, or even worse you might have the highly feared (and completely detestable) ‘uni-boob’.  Can you see the environment for a nickname being created if I made the wrong decision? The Icebreaker GT Run Rush Bra was the obvious choice.  Icebreaker fits great and if I was going to subject my man chest to tight fitting womenswear (and inevitable humiliation),  I could only put my trust in the sheep. I never see any sheep taking flack about their chests.

The race went beautifully. I looked great, had no support problems, and the merino felt amazing. Chest sweat was no issue and I’m certain that’s the best I’ve ever smelled after a race. Just like the bra, I was hot to trot.

- Gray Augustus, Store Manager, Teton Running Company