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Icebreaker_GT pulled us over the finish line during the Dutch Adventure Race Championship last June.

The RaidXL, also called  “The Master’s track”,  was tough: 240 km in 30 hours.  This included 30 km of walking, 130 km mountain biking, 30 km run&bike, 15 km kayaking,  tubing, 1 km swimming and an array of special tasks.  With 6,000m of altitude difference, high temperatures and some challenging map reading, we had our mental and physical up’s and downs, but undoubtedly our great Icebreaker gear helped us reach the finish line.

About 15 mins before the last part of the Raid, after 200 meters of swimming, I got seriously ill.  My Raid partner suddenly transformed into Florence Nightingale.  He gave me some Coke and put my GT Quantum Zip back on and I was away again.  We finished 3rd, leaving many experienced teams behind.

Another lesson learned:  It ain’t over till it’s over!

Winfried Bats – The Netherlands